The mobile Ideas Studio

More than 7,500 parts in one big box
More than 7,500 parts in one big box

Bring new life, diversity, and over 7,500 parts, tools, and inspiration into your creative meetings.

Benno van Aerssen: ‘The mobile Idea studio is kind of a big “creative toy box” with well over 7,500 parts It is suitable for any creative work, brainstorming and creative meetings. The "Mobile studio” is an absolutely uncompromising
premium class product.’

Invented by Benno van Aerssen himself - made and individually crafted in the Neuland GmbH & Co. KG inclusively with home delivery and personalized with your company logo on the front and back.

The idea came from countless workshops and coaching sessions in which there was only ever a flimsy flipchart with a couple of markers, one of which then usually faded out, reluctant and unenthused until it’s colour would completely fade.

The mobile ideas studio provides thousands of creative tools for brainstorming, Mind Solutions, animations, envisioning, writing, marking, Painting, pinning, gluing, modeling, crafts, cutting, building, playing, presenting, planning, training, moderating,…

The mobile Ideas Studio
The mobile Ideas Studio

Benno van Aerssen: "Invest in the creative power of your team and thus into the innovative future of your company. Successful innovations always start with professional tools and uncompromising quality. "

  • Very sturdy flight case (H 160cm, W 93cm, D 63cm) made of coated plywood with riveted aluminum profile edges, butterfly locks and stable heavy duty casters for years of everyday use.

  • Six fully equipped, spacious wooden drawers with professional running systems against multiple extracts.
  • Thanks to the Neuland K3 frame, in a matter of seconds the front cover is transformed into a stable table with a large work surface.

  • Includes 5 books "Innovation Management - Direct route to a culture of innovation and market success" by the author Benno van Aerssen.

  • Includes all the worksheets for the innovation culture method "FRIES".

  • The "mobile Ideas Studio" is, at my request, produced and supplied by Germany's leading provider of learning materials of Neuland GmbH & Co.KG.
The mobile Ideas Studio - a very sturdy flight case
The mobile Ideas Studio - a very sturdy flight case

Contents included: pencil, marker, pen, ... - round, oval, square cards... - Scissors, cutter, glue, ... - Flipchart, sandwich panels, ... Team games: padded cell, Team2, KomminikARTio, KultuRalley, Puppet Master, ... - Moderation balls, Koosh balls, play dough, ... - Emotion Cards, Books, ... - Bikatools, bikablo, learning maps, ... - Balloons, caps, shirts, ... Systainer with 24 x 50 worksheets - clipboards, notebooks, laser pointer, voice amplifiers, mega Post-It's, mannequin, and more ...

Professional flight case with aluminum profile edges - super sturdy and stable - 6 large drawers with Professional runners - table with K3 rack - butterfly lock locking - system against multiple extension - Heavy duty castors - drawers perfectly organized with the patented Novario module boxes - Orga system "systainer" (H 31, W 40, D 30) including filing for all worksheets and solutions.

Total price: from 11.980, - EUR plus VAT Including home delivery and the application of your company logo (Complete customized corporate design possible upon request!) Dimensions: (H 160, W 93, D 80) Weight: 240 Kg

Alternatively! Innovation-lease from 198, - EUR per month (With only 2 creative meetings per month across the enterprise, for every 2 hours you merely invest EUR 49,50 per hour in the creative power of your