To find people and along the way, lead them to breakthrough innovations is a challenge to which Benno van Aerssen provides continued customer support.


Not only globally successful companies such as Apple have to do their homework here, but every single growth-oriented company, regardless of its size.

With a lot of experience, empathy, and the right tools Benno van Aerssen helps to find and identify the innovators within your company.

Innovators-Screening is based on trust
Innovators-Screening is based on trust

Team Management Profile

Benno van Aerssen uses the recognized Team Management Profile to find the innovators in your teams quickly and reliably.

According to the research by Dr. Charles Margerison and Dr Dick McCann the Team Management System identifies eight activities that must be carried out on a permanent basis in all successful teams – the high performance teams.

However, the research also showed that the majority of people, endorsing only at the most, two or three of these activities - and maintaining that there are contrarily important ways of working that simply don't suit everyone yet
are then exercised accordingly but reluctantly.

The Team Management System
The Team Management System

Creative Innovators and discovering Promotors

In the context of innovation coaching, the focus is on identifying employee work preferences with the following:

Creative Innovator: tinkers around with new ideas and different approaches to work.

Discovering Promoter: likes to uncover new possibilities, on the look out for new opportunities.

The Team Management Profile is a detailed personal feedback on each personal’s work preferences, with a scope of between 28 to 30 pages.

The profile is created by software that evaluates the answers to 60 questions about individual behavior in the workplace.

This questionnaire is based on extensive scientific research, and its results are therefore valid, reliable and useful.

Most people are able to take on more than the eight-team roles. The Team Management Profile is based on the combination of each individual work preferences and also their different strengths in character. Since it has been
scientifically formulated there are 208 possible variants of clear-cut profiles.


Hindered Innovators

The recruitment advisors Spencer Stuart found in a survey of their customers that: over two-thirds of CEOs of leading global companies today see innovation as a key factor for long-term success.

In fact, discussions that take place during the meetings of the top management often focus on two questions: How can we stay innovative? And: do we have a plan to establish future innovators, with whose help our goal will
become easier to achieve?

One problem is that often there are supposedly not enough people who possess the necessary skill set.

Maybe 5 or 10 percent of highly qualified employees in a company have the general skills and attributes that are essential for an innovator. But it's not just about finding creative talents, the bigger problem is often to recognize what
you can do with this talent and how it can now be integrated.

There are still many companies whom it suits to immediately stifle the first sign of any creative spark. All too often companies are forging employees and managers, to simply reproduce existing products rather than encouraging the
ideas and developing of new products.

Consequently, aspiring employees recognize that they must emulate their bosses, when they want to change anything or bring ideas forward. And even when talents come from outside, they are often sucked into the same antiinnovative
culture that has been suppressed in the company's existing staff potential.