Seminars and Workshops

Benno van Aerssen offers seminars and workshops for creativity, idea finding and innovation management. The seminars on idea finding and creativity are available both as closed team workshops and as open seminars.

This section of the website gives you an idea of what the seminars and workshops are like and what topics they focus on.

Individual adaptation

In principle, all seminars and workshops are conceptually adapted to suit your particular requirements. Individual adaption is particularly important in the fields of creativity, idea finding  and innovation management as this is the only way to dock onto the current company culture and the strategic objectives of the organization.

The following video gives you a small insight into the atmosphere atmosphere of his workshops and seminars

Always where the action is - always part of the team
Always where the action is - always part of the team

The Helix-Principle of the seminars and workshops

Using his Helix-Training -Concept, coach Benno van Aerssen achieves the highest degree of learning with a great amount of fun in his seminars and workshops.

The didactic concept of his trainings combines know-how snippets and practical elements in an exceptional way for improved idea finding and greater creativity.

All of the new content and knowledge is taken on and internalized so that it can be applied afterwards stress-free, in a target-oriented manner and that the desired habit changes are no longer a coincidence.

A safe, fun and successful way of approaching creativity, idea finding and innovation management.

A precise and understandable road map in order to gain new knowledge and new successes for your company.

Das Helix-Konzept seiner Trainings ist außergewöhnlich
Das Helix-Konzept seiner Trainings ist außergewöhnlich

The " Helix-Maps " - quite particular handouts

All training materials, handouts and scripts in his seminars and workshops are designed to allow for motivational, brain-friendly and sustainable learning.

Worth mentioning here are the HELIX-Maps developed by Benno van Aerssen on the basis of Tony Buzan's Mind-Maps and Tom Freundenthals' CL-Maps.

In addition, Helix-Maps are ideal for helping participants pass on their newly-gained knowledge on creativity, idea finding and innovation management to colleagues.

Die HELIX-Maps gibt es digital, als Handout und als DIN A2 Trainerversion
Die HELIX-Maps gibt es digital, als Handout und als DIN A2 Trainerversion

Eigenschaften der Helix-Maps

Characteristics of the Helix-Maps

The Helix-Maps are particularly job, and office friendly and allow participants to easily share their new knowledge with colleagues in a fun and effective way after the seminar.

Overview of essential characteristics

  • So that the brain can search for existing space to store newly gained knowledge, the HELIX-Maps provide an overview of all individual topics.

  • All teaching and learning objectives are transparent from the beginning, as participants are more willing to learn when there is a clear understanding of the meaning behind the training.

  • Helix-Maps encourage participant curiosity, because being curious is the best condition for taking on and retaining new things.

  • Helix-Maps facilitate repetition, particularly when using interview and lecture techniques.  When neural circuits are repeatedly activated, they quickly become more stable.

  • Helix-Maps are a perfect tool for training methods which address many senses simultaneously.  The brain should be able to take on Information not only through the eyes and ears, but, for example, by doing things oneself.

  • Using the HELIX-Map, participants can learn in the order that suits them best. A red thread through all learning steps aids the networking of content in the brain and ties up with previous knowledge.
  • Using HELIX-Maps, participants learn coherently and project-oriented, as the brain also learns and networks information through association.

All colours, symbols and anchor pictures are chosen so that proven learning techniques, such as the body list , the Loci system, accumulative perception, action movies and also the silver bullet can be support in the be possible way.