Authors love Innovation digging!

The weird and wonderful twists and turns of life can vary greatly, with only ever one thing for certain: you never know what to expect and what might be waiting for you just round the bend. With this in mind, for Benno van Aerssen and Tamer Kemeröz it has been clear from the start that their book "Innovation digging” is focused around the unrelenting business corridor of life.

In the last few months, an entire new user group has been established, bound together by their shared discoveries of the new innovative tools - Authors!

Anyone who’s ever attempted to write or has written a novel, a thriller, a short story or even a family drama will have an understanding of how very important it is to have inspiration.

There is no doubt that this crucial ingredient is what brings the plots and stories we love to life. As a matter of fact, Innovation digging can be a great source for inspiration, finding genuine ideas, widening perspectives and enabling books to evolve into exhilarating adventures.

Innovation digging is simply an easy, speedy and reliable way in which to fill those expansive daunting white sheets of paper when writers-block strikes.

Here are some axis titles to consider, some of which Benno van Aerssen has used himself over the past few months to prompt enthusiastic authors:

  • The characters
  • Places
  • Life events (Births, Anniversaries, Engagements, Weddings, …)
  • Deeds and dealings (Murder, Venues, Feuds, Travel, Surprises, ….)
  • Seasons
  • Regions, Countries
  • Features (quicker, more quiet, louder, funnier, more erotic, ….)
  • Profession
  • Hobbies
  • Illnesses/sickness
  • Trends
  • Items of clothing
  • Weapons

Play around with these axis titles; combine as many concepts as you please and create something amazing and unique, or just downright bizarre- how to really make the most of these suggestions and prompters as well as how to create even more concepts and ideas for brainstorming is all explained in the book. Using these 13 bullet-points alone, it is possible to compile and construct 169 different templates for plots and stories alike.

It appears that the majority of authors work on paper as well as particularly making use of the varying styles and possible types of document presentation. This is a strong utilization of the visual power that comes from physically seeing the story unfold in front of them.

As you can imagine, this is especially useful when a story revolves around a complex plot with lots of scenes running back and forth.

Innovation digging is already available for immediate download in all e-book Formats for 9,49 EUR, alternatively it can also be found in bookstores for 16,80 EUR.

And if you find any other prompts or axis titles, which have spurred on and inspired your stories the two authors would both be delighted to here about your experiences and appreciate any feedback.

Die Suchfeldmatrix sorgt für Inspiration
Die Suchfeldmatrix sorgt für Inspiration