The "Direct-line for ideas"

Discover how inexperienced teams can also increase your creativity and quickly develop many more great ideas.

The "Direct-line for ideas" is a structured and measurable brainstorming process, which consists of four steps.

With the “Direct-line for ideas” participants will experience how they can lead their team to great ideas in four steps, by simply combining two different creativity techniques. By increasing the range of techniques, the multitude of ideas is consequently also increased, thus also considerably increasing the chances of finding that one golden idea.

Add more value to your business

  • Guaranteed ideas – even for inexperienced teams

  • Ideas can be immediately be put to use, no prior experience required

  • Suitable for both product and process innovations

  • Opportunity to constructively develop group competence in regards to problem solving

  • The teams IQ can be fully and effectively drawn upon

  • Many useful ideas will quickly emerge

  • More employees can easily be synchronized into the same process

  • The rapid results boosts participant’s personal motivation.
"Quantity breeds Quality"
"Quantity breeds Quality"
Die Helix-Map zur Ideen Soforthilfe
Die Helix-Map zur Ideen Soforthilfe

Note: If your complex problem is partly down to the fact that you are working within newly formed interdisciplinary teams and across multiple departments, then it is worth mentioning that even in these cases this method has proven effective.

As part of the training for the “Direct-line for ideas” A3 size helix-maps are handed out to all participants.

These instructions are designed in such a way to encourage and enable motivational, brain-friendly and sustainable learning.

Through using these A3 size helix maps all the information is presented clearly, especially if these sheets are then displayed within the meeting/workshop rooms.


Note: Executives in particular are in a position where they can provide decent structure for the "Direct-line for ideas" through promoting guidelines that can be implemented in the creative meetings.

Top tip: Let the ideas you generate through the “Direct-line for ideas” method, be evaluated and optimally filtered by the “Klondike Idea filter”.