Shadowing in Innovation coaching

On this page, we want to show you how to start your innovation coaching with shadowing can be exceptionally successful.


As a perceptual, sensitive coach Benno van Aerssen often initiates the shadowing, simply to introduce the beginning of the coaching-process.

Shadowing or ‘accompanying and observing’ days are an invaluable way to capture the current situation and the current potential for using a "disinvolved perspective."

The shadowing allows the coach access to the important system of context, experience and knowledge. Hereby enabling the coach to quickly become a competent partner, because he is then equipped with "insider knowledge".

This is often a prerequisite for successful coaching, especially when it comes to innovation coaching.

In the preparation for the first "Shadow day" you will accede with Benno van Aerssen on the following points:

  • On which particularly days will it be most favorable to obtain a wide spectrum of possible impressions of the team and its work?

  • When do the shadowing days begin and end?

  • How is the team prepared for the presence of the coach?

  • The coach accompanies people throughout the company, but always remains quiet in an unobtrusive manner in the background, not holding any talks or discussions.

After a short amount of time the participants will acclimatize themselves to the coach and virtually "forget" he's even there. This then enables the participants to get on with their work undisturbed. This "flow" where the participants
neglect the presence of the coach, or even completely ignore him, means they will behave in their usual manner and routine.


Throughout the day, the coach records all impressions, observations and perceptions. He also learns about the company's business and forms an understanding of its values.

At the end, various forms of reflections are put forward, from a flash of brief observation to a more detailed and depth reflection.

Thanks to the “insider coach” potentials, objectives, focus and priorities are now far more comprehendible, more targeted and practice related.