"It is more important to ask the right questions!"

First of all, in order to make the right decisions in terms of creativity and innovation, it is now much more important to ask the right questions first, rather than to begin by looking for the answers.

Even Leonardo da Vinci posed questions where we have only sought answers.

This page explores questions collated by Benno van Aerssen, which are currently being discussed with his clients.

(His Studio provides a helpful distance to the daily business)
(His Studio provides a helpful distance to the daily business)
(He is keenly observing and asking the right questions)
(He is keenly observing and asking the right questions)

If you would like to discuss these questions further or have even formulated your own, then do not hesitate to get in touch with him.

„The invention of the problem is more important than the invention of the solution, there is more in the question than there is in the answer“
(Walter Rathenau AEG)

Innovative concepts for the future

  • Which innovation concepts will continue to be conventional in the future and which won't?
  • Which type of leadership techniques will provide the most promising future innovation strategies?

Creative potential as an engine of growth

  • How fundamentally important is the creativity factor regarding future business potential?
  • How do the creative entrepreneurial skills work in terms of competence?
  • How do you lead a creative, agile group of people?

From the swarm of creativity to the swarm of effect

  • How do you use the crowds’ creative intelligence?
  • With which methods can the most collected team creativity be enhanced?
  • How do you cultivate a creative culture?
  • How will value be added to the many ideas and innovations?

Future challenges of the R&D

  • How can the R&D keep up to speed with the changing business and market?
  • How can R&D be involved as a creative consultant early on in customer projects?

Developing new habits are the key to change

  • How can we encourage people in their creative development processes?
  • How can we use the power of imagination actively and constructively?
  • How can we assist people in their personal processes of change?

Innovation speed as a competitive advantage

  • How can you constantly be reinventing markets when their pace of innovation is held at such a high level?
  • How do you speed up the innovation market while simultaneously improving the quality?

Innovation-orientated incentive system

  • How can we increase the efficiency of the Top-Creatives?
  • How can we reward ideas according to the chain of value?
  • How can we create a culture where the worth of creativity is valued as highly as leadership responsibilities?

Global innovation management

  • How can we develop creative-based skills to internationally represent our culture and brand?
  • How can a common creative-basis be constructed, while taking into consideration national circumstances?
  • How can evaluation systems become simplified, thus allowing them to be better integrated into the innovation strategy?

KPI-based innovation culture

  • How can we use figures to effectively promote an innovative culture?
  • How do we identify the actual training needs based just on deficit effects?
  • How can we determine the relevant effect of creative training?

Innovation means change

  • How can we smartly integrate employees into the changing process?
  • How can we stimulate a mood for change in order to kick-start the innovation process?
  • How do we acknowledge and manage fears?